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Greyfriars' Bobby

George IV Bridge


Postcard published by John R Russel of Edinburgh (JRRE)  -  Greyfriar's Bobby

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Greyfriars' Bobby

This statue is in memory of the small Skye terrier that returned daily to sit at his master's gravestone in Greyfriars' Cemetery, from the date of his master's death from tuberculosis in 1857or 1858, every day for 14 years.

The statue is situated close to Greyfriars' Cemetery, at the junction of George IV Bridge (leading to the right - out of picture) and Candlemaker Row (leading down the hill on left of picture).

The statue is still at this junction, but no longer supplies water.  In the picture above water can be seen on two levels, the higher level for humans and the lower level for dogs.

This postcard was published by J R Russell of Edinburgh.  It was posted in Edinburgh 27 July 1907.


J R Russell, Edinburgh

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