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Jawbone Walk

West Meadows


Postcard published by John R Russel of Edinburgh (JRRE)  -  Jawbone Walk, West Meadows

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Jawbone Walk

West Meadows


Here is a postcard published by J R Russell of Edinburgh.  It was posted on 11 February 1904.  It shows the jaw bones that formed the entrance to Jawbone Walk in the Meadows.

The Meadows is a large area of grass, about 1/4 mile to the south of the Royal Mile, and measuring about half a mile from west to east.  It was formerly the site of the Borough Loch.


Here is another photograph of Jaw Bone Walk, now named Jawbone Walk.  This photo was taken in May 2008.

 TJawbone Walk in The Meadows  -  Cherry Blossom  -  May 2008

Peter Stubbs  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                               Photograph taken May 13, 2008



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The Meadows and Jawbone Walk

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