Postcard  -  A R Montgomery, Juniper Green



Currie lies about 6 miles SW of the centre of Edinburgh.


Postcard by A R Montgomery, Juniper Green  -  Blinkbonny, Currie

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  Postcard by AR Montgomery -  Blinkbonny, Currie


Blinkbonny, Currie


Currie lies about 6 miles to the SW of the centre of Edinburgh, and about a miles to the SW of Juniper Green where A Montgomery, the photographer who published this postcard, was based.

The main road from Edinburgh, Lanark Road, passes through Currie as it follows the northern bank of the Water of Leith.

Blinkbonny Road is on the south bank of the Water of Leith, about 3/4 mile to the east of Currie


A R Montgomery Postcard

The postcard above is from A R Montgomery's 'Real Photo' Series.  The local children all seem to have made an appearance, and to be happy posing for the photographer.

A R Montgomery was based at Juniper Green.  His name is printed on the back of the postcard and his initials appear on the front in white script in front of the fence (bottom, centre of the card).

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Juniper Green

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