Leith Academy

St Andrew Place, close to the western edge of Leith Links

Leith Academy, beside Leith LInks    -    School built 1895-98    -    Card posted 1904

'National Series' postcard  -  Leith Academy

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Leith Academy

The View

In this view, the new Leith Academy, St Andrew Place, near the western edge of Leith Links, not far from the 'Foot of the Walk', stands out prominently against the housing in the background.

The school, designed by George Craig, was was only a few years old when this postcard was published.  The school was built in 1895-98.

The school is now (2006) Leith Academy Primary School.

The Postcard

This postcard is part of the "National" series.  I don't know the publisher.  The card was posted in Edinburgh on August 16, 1904.


Leith Academy

'National Series' postcards