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"Golden Autumn - Swanston"


Postcard  -  James Patrick  -  Castle Series  -  "Golden Autumn, Swanston"

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"Golden Autumn - Swanston"

Here is one of several view by James Patrick, showing Swanston through the seasons.

This card was posted from Methyl on the coast of the Firth of Forth in Fife, to Edinburgh on 23 August 1911.  It has a seasonal message that reads:

"Tuesday night:  Got your letter OK and have sent off a bag of potatoes this morning.  You will get it all right I expect.  Have dug them all up.  If we hadn't we never would have had any to lift."

"..., A and I can hardly walk or stand up or sit down.  All well otherwise.  Rare weather.  The pink eyes are King Edwards"


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