Post card  -  Tuck's "Oilette" series

Bakehouse Close

Tuck's Post Card  -  "Oilette" Series

Raphael Tuck "Oilette" postcard  -  Bakehouse Close

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      Raphael Tuck "Oilette" postcard  -  Bakehouse Close


Bakehouse Close

Tuck's "Oilette" series

Here is  a postcard from the Raphael Tuck & Sons' "Oilette" Old Edinburgh series II (8640).

This card reproduces a painting by J Kinnear.

This card was sent through the post in 1918.

Tuck's description on the back of this card reads:

"Bakehouse Close contains the mansions of the first and second Marquises of Huntly and the first Dowager Duchess of Gordon.

Twenty yards down the close, over which Salisbury Crags (Holyrood Park) keep guard, the visitor will find on the left a modest square containing the mansion of Acheson of Gosford (dated 1633) where Lady Jane Grey slept for nine nights."


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