Post card  -  Tuck's "Sepia" series

Morningside Road

Tuck's Post Card  -  "Sepia" Series

Raphael Tuck "Sepia" postcard  -  Morningside Road

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      Raphael Tuck "Sepia" postcard  -  Morningside Road


Morningside Road

Tuck's "Oilette" series

Here is  a postcard from the Raphael Tuck & Sons' "Sepia" Edinburgh series (2028).  The card also names J A Hunter, Edinburgh.  Was he the photographer?

This card has not been sent through the post, but may date from around 1920.  Other Tuck "Sepia" series cards that I have seen were posted around that time.

The cable car tracks can be seen at Morningside Road.  Edinburgh changed from cable cars (with three track, one for the cable) to electric trams (with two tracks) in 1922-23.

Here is another Tuck "Sepia" series postcard, taken nearby.  This one shows the cable car tracks at Church Hill.

Raphael Tuck "Sepia" postcard  -  Church Hill



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