Valentine's Postcard

Victoria Park


 Children's Playground and Bandstand  -  1906

Valentine Postcard  -   1906 photograph of Children's Playground and Bandstand in Victoria Park, Leith

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Victoria Park


This photograph of Victoria Park was taken in 1906.  The postcard was posted in 1913.  This postcard shows a busy children's playground with the Victoria Park bandstand in the background.

Here is a photograph of the bowling greens in Victoria Park.  This photograph was also taken in 1906.

A postcard by Valentine  -  Victoria Park, Leith  -  Bolwing

Victoria Park lies close to the Firth of Forth, to the west of Newhaven Pier -  upper left in the map below.  Please click on the map to enlarge it.

Map of Edinburgh and Leith. 1870  -  North Edinburgh Section



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