The Floral Clock

in West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh


Floral Clock  -  1910

Postcard by Valentine -  Floral Clock in Princes Street Gardens  -  possibly 1910

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Date of the Postcard

Possibly 1910

This postcard, by Valentine, has been numbered 66187 - a number that should indicate that the photograph was taken in 1910.

Donald Beets, Letchworth, Hertfordshire describes the 1909 floral clock as being similar to this clock.

I have three postcards showing this clock, all using the same negative.  The one above has not been sent through the post.  The other two (which, incidentally, do not have Valentine numbers on them)  were posted much later:

-  One was posted on  July 16, 1917.

-  The other was posted on 12 October 1920.



Floral Clock

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Floral Clock


Floral Clock


Floral Clock

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