Portrait by Jerome Ltd.


John (Jake) Pettigrew



Jerome postcard  -  1933  -  Great-grandfather, John (Jake) Pettigrew

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Lesley Conway,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia whose great-grandfather appears in this photo


John (Jake) Pettigrew

Thank you to Lesley Conway for sending me this photograph of his great-grandfather, John (Jake) Pettigrew.

Lesley writes:

"This portrait is of my great grandfather John (Jake) Pettigrew.  It was taken on 5 May 1933 in Jerome's studio, Edinburgh, when he was aged 73.  He died in Edinburgh.

Apart  from some early years in Haddington, he spent his time in Edinburgh.  He lived in Nicolson Street and in Forbes Street ,  and died of a heart attack on Buccleuch Street in 1941!

He was a huge influence on my father.  This is one of only 4 family photos my father ever possessed."

John Pettigrew (Photographer)

NOTE:  There was also a professional photographer named John Pettigrew who had studios in Edinburgh from 1888 to 1904, latterly in partnership with Amos.

I don't know of  any connection between this photographer and John (Jake) Pettigrew above.

- Peter Stubbs:  August 10, 2007




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