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Hand-coloured Postcard Portraits



Jerome postcard  -  Portrait of a Lady  -  1933  -  hand-coloured  ©         Jerome postcard  -  Portrait of aMan  -  1933  -  hand-coloured  ©

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Eileen McMahon, Cheshire, England

Hand-coloured Postcard Portraits

Thank you to Eileen McMahon, Cheshire, England, for sending the postcards above.  Eileen writes:


"Here are two Jerome postcards, rubber-stamped on the back, 1933.  The people in the postcard are:

-  Joseph McMahon, my grandfather and

- his wife Sarah Jane McMahon (née Done), my grandmother

I am tracing the family tree and  was hoping you might be able to help me with information as were the photos might have have been taken.   Both grandparents lived in Liverpool.  Can you help?"

Eileen McMahon, Cheshire;  June 22, 2006

Can you Help?

Jerome had a number of studios around Britain in the 1930s, but I don't know which one these photos might have come from, or whether the hand colouring was done by the studio or later.

If you can help to answer this question, please e-mail me and I will pass on your message to Eileen.

Thank you.    - Peter Stubbs.


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A hand-coloured portrait Jerome portrait, 1931  -  Jane Pringle, great grandmother of Brian Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire ©

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