Carrick Knowe Golf Course

Jenners Depository

Baird Drive

Aerial Photograph


 Three boys in Baird Drive, around 1930

  Royal Commission on Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS).  Captions and arrows added by Peter Stubbs.

Item 764517. Collection: Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (Scotland Imagery).   Ref. 58/RAF/813, Negative 0335 (PFFO)


Aerial Photo

Carrick Knowe Golf Club

This photo is an RAF oblique, aerial view taken from east of Carrick Knowe Golf Course, looking to the west, on December 7, 1951

Jenners Depository

The large building in the centre of this photo was Jenners Depositary, a distinctive red-brick warehouse at 140 Balgreen Road, with imitation black+white astragal windows.

There is a good view of the building, just to the north of the line, after passing Murrayfield Stadium,  on a train journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow or the North of Scotland.

It was built in 1925 and sold by Jenners around 80 years later.  It is now used by Edinburgh Self Storage Co to provide the only heated self storage facility in Edinburgh.

Baird Drive

The street with the light houses near the bottom of this photo is Baird Drive, built in the late-1920s.  It leads to the east  (out of the bottom of this photo) towards Murrayfield Stadium.

Baird Drive has been the subject of a  'Baird Drive Nostalgia Project'. 
If you'd like to know more about this project.,  please email me

The houses in Baird Drive in this photo, as we look at the photo are:

-  on the left (top to bottom):  Even Nos, 2-48

-  on the right (top to bottom): Odd Nos, 1-39

Here is a plan of Baird Drive, naming the residents who lived there around 1930.  This was created as part of the 'Baird Drive Nostalgia Project'.

Around 1930

    Plan of who lived where at Baird Drive, Murrayfield, Edinburgh - around 1930

Key to Aerial View

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December 1951

   Aerial View of Carrick Knowe Golf Course, Jenners Depository and Baird Drive, 1951


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