Blackford Avenue

May 2008

Blackford Avenue  -  Cherry Blossom  -  May 2008

Peter Stubbs                                                                                  Photograph taken May 7, 2008


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    Blackford Avenue  -  Cherry Blossom  -  May 2008


Blackford Avenue

Looking SE


This is one of four photos taken in May 2008 showing West Savile Terrace and Blackford Avenue when the cherry blossom was on the trees.

This photo was taken looking to the SE up Blackford Avenue, from close to its junction with West Savile Terrace.

The pink balloons, tied to one of the gates, possibly marking the position of a child's birthday party, match the blossom on the cherry trees.

Looking NW


Here is a Valentine & Sons postcard that uses a photograph taken in 1953.  This view looks to the NW down the avenue towards the Reid Memorial Church in West Savile Terrace:

Postcard by Valentine, 1953  -  Blackford Avenue


West Savile Terrace Blackford

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