Bonnington Toll

Sandstone Bridge Abutment  -  Might it soon be demolished?

Looking to the west


Sandstone Bridge Abutment at Bonnington Toll - January 2008

Patrick Hutton, New Town, Edinburgh                                                                                          Photograph taken 20 January 2008


Bonnington Toll

Thank you to Patrick Hutton for sending me two recent photographs of Bonnington Toll.  The view above looks to the west across the junction.  The roads in the picture are, clockwise from bottom left:

-  Pilrig Street, leading to the SE to Leith Walk at Pilrig.

-  Bonnington Road, leading to the SW to Broughton.

-  Newhaven Road, leading to the NW to Newhaven on the Firth of Forth.

Bonnington Road continues to the NE (out of picture on right) to Leith.

Patrick wrote:

"I have a strong suspicion that the big red sandstone bridge abutment at Bonnington Toll is about to be swept away.

There have been signs advising road works beginning 22 Jan 2008, and I think the 'retail park' (Comet, etc, all now closed) there is shortly to become Westpoint Homes housing.

This bridge abutment was part of the old Caledonian freight line to Leith, via Victoria Park, Leith Walk and Seafield.  Photos of the bridge (bowstring girder) are rare."

Patrick Hutton:  January 20, 2008

Bridge Abutment  -  2008

Here is the other photograph taken by Patrick Hutton at Bonnington Toll on January 20, 2008.  This view looks to the NE down Bonnington Road towards Bonnington Toll.

 Sandstone Bridge Abutment at Bonnington Toll - January 2008

Peter Stubbs, January 2008

Removal of the Bridge - 1968

Yesterday, I saw in one of the exhibits at Granton Lighthouse on 'Doors Open Day', a photograph of the original bridge over the road at Bonnington Toll being removed, leaving just the two abutments standing.

The photo was dated February 1968.

Peter Stubbs, September 27, 2010




Alin Boon

(This is the name on the email.  Is it correct?)


Thank you to Alin Boon who wrote:

Bonnington Toll

      Sandstone Bridge Abutment at Bonnington Toll - January 2008

"I'd like to thank Patrick Hutton for sending the picture above of the bridge abutment at Bonnington Toll. 

I was born in the tenement above the pub on the corner where the photo was taken from, on 22nd January 1949. 

Sadly, and ironically, it appears that it was the same date in 2008 that the last remnant of the railway bridge was removed, 59 years later!"

Alin Boon, Devon:  18 February 2017



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