Edinburgh  -   South Morningside

Braid Road

'The Hanging Stanes'


Braid Road  -  The Hanging Stanes

  Peter Stubbs                                                                   Photograph taken 26 November 2004

Edinburgh  -   South Morningside

'The Hanging Stanes'

The plaque above is set into the pavement beside No 66 Braid Road, close to the junction with Comiston Terrace in South Morningside, Edinburgh.

It has the Coats of Arms of Edinburgh District Council (top left) and Lothian Regional Council (top right). 

The inscription reads:

The Hanging Stanes

Thomas Kelly and Henry OR Neill,

the last two highwaymen in Scotland to be

executed, were hanged in public on 25

January 1815 from the gallows erected on

the stanes still visible on the spot

which was where the robbery took place.


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The two stones, each 1m square x 50mm thick, were set into the west side of Braid Road at this position, the site of the highway robbery, specifically to allow the gibbets for the hanging to be erected. 

The two 'highwaymen', Thomas Kelly and Henry O'Neill, were hung there in 1915, at the site of their crime.


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