Corunna Place, Leith

Street Party


Street Party to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 1953

Corunna Place, Leith  -  Street Party, 1953

Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Stewart on whose  web site  this photo appeared
and to Lee Patterson who lent the photograph to John Stewart.




Lee Patterson


The Photo

Here is a photograph of a street party in Corunna Place, taken in 1953.   Corunna Place is near the eastern end of Bonnington Road, close to Great Junction Street.

Lee Patterson who provided this photo wrote:

"My father, John Patterson, is the boy standing against the wall on the left.

My grandfather, Arthur, a news vendor on Leith Walk, is holding forth at the table.

Does anybody recognises anyone else in the photo."

Lee Patterson

Do you recognise anybody?

If you recognise anyone please email me then I'll pass your message on to Lee.

Thank you    - Peter Stubbs:  January 25, 2008




Dorothy Hay

Leith, Edinburgh

Thank you to Dorothy Hay, who still lives in Leith and is one of the people in this street party photo, for telling me the names of many of the people in the photo.

Dorothy wrote:

Coruna Place

"I have great memories of Corunna Place.  My dad was born there and I stayed their until I got married.  My husband stayed in the next street, Tennant Street, and we both had the same surname."

Corunna Place

"I'm glad that we still stay quite near Corunna Place.  I knew everyone in the picture.  Here are a few of the names:

Dorothy Warddel

-  Margaret Reilly

-  Elizabeth Cunningham

Janette McKenzie

Ella Smith

Rosie Inglis

Evelyn Irvine


-  Ronnie Tait

Johnny Paterson

Ina Grainger

My sister Violet

Anne Brownlee

Ray Brownlee

Margaret Burns

Margaret Tait

-  Betty Tait

Margaret Crosbie

Marlyn Kidd

Moira Davidson

James Brownlee

-  James Inglis

Sandra Reilly

-  Jimmy Hoy

May Kidd

Pearl Reilly

-  May Sanderson

Lucy Lawrence

Andrew Reilly

Lizzie Paterson

Jimmy Paterson

Arthur Paterson.

The Coronation Day was a fantastic party."

Dorothy Hay, Leith, Edinburgh:  February 6, 2009




Mark McCue

On seeing this photo, Mark McCue wrote:

My Mum

My Mum, Catherine Smith, is the wee girl, about 5 up on the left. - down from her sister, Ella

Mark McCue:  July 4+11, 2013


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