site of the Old Town Fire in December 2002


Site of the Old Town Fire

Cowgate  -  Scene of the Old Town Fire  -  six months later  -  June 2003  -  Buildings demolished

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                                  Photograph taken June 2003





This view looks to the west along the Cowgate.  The site that has been cleared in this picture is where the Gilded Balloon and other buildings were destroyed by fire in December 2002.

The photograph above was taken from South Bridge, looking down on the site in June 2003, shortly after the demolition work was completed and the Cowgate was re-opened to traffic.

Despite the high facade of the building having fallen shortly after the fire, the arches at pavement level survived.  The top of the arches can just be seen stretching from above the 'Dalton Demolition sign to the upper-right corner of the picture.



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