Craigmillar Castle Grove

Peffermill Road (on left) leads into Niddrie Mains Road and on towards Musselburgh

Craigmillar Castle Grove used to run between the two curved sections of houses to join Peffermill Road

Craigmillar  View to the east.  The backs of the houses formerly at the corner of Peffermill Road and Craigmillar Castle Grove arein the lower-left corner of this photo
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Johnni Stanton and Craigmillar Castle

This 1960 photo shows the same houses as in the lower-left corner of the photo above

Photograph taken on the back green behind Craigmillar Castle Terrace

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sandra Givan, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

This 1940 map shows where the 1960 photo above was taken from.

1940 map of Craigmillar and Niddrie, SW corner -  showing where a back green photograph was taken from.      Extract from a map by Bartholemew, 1940-41