View to the NW, looking up

Duke Street

from above East Restalrig

Statue to Queen Victoria at the Foot of Leith Walk

The street leading straight ahead in the centre of this photo is Duke Street, Leith

Looking down on Duke Street  -  View looking to the NW towards Leith Western Harbour

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Darcy:  March 16, 2010.  Thank you to Bob Moffat for
providing a copy of this photograph.  and to John Stewart who runs
a Leith web site that includes this photo.


Duke Street

The View

The view looks towards the NW from above East Restalrig.

The SW corner of Leith Links can be seen in the lower-right corner of this aerial view and Leith Western Harbour can be seen in the extreme top-right corner of the picture.

The street running down from the centre of this aerial view is Duke Street.  The large roof on the building to the left of Duke Street, covers the former Leith Central station.

The pentagonal building (lower-centre) is the former Leith Academy, which later became part of Queen Margaret University, and is now empty.  I believe that it is to be converted to housing.

The Date

When might this photo have been taken?  There are a number of clues:

-   some high-rise buildings, probably built in the 1960s and 1970s can be seen..

-   the railway track leading into Leith Central Station appears to have been lifted.  (See lower-left corner of photo.)

-  The bridge over Leith Walk, centre-extreme-left is still in place, but the track on this route appears to have been lifted.



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