East Wemyss


Doo Caves

Doo Caves  -  East Wemyss

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                      Photo taken: 23 Sep 2005,  1.21pm


East Wemyss


Beside the Firth of Forth at East Wemyss are, from west to east:

-  Court Cave

-  Doo Caves

-  Well Caves

Jonathan's Cave

-  Sliding Cave

-  Gasworks Caves

Lecture to Edinburgh Photographic Society


The photographer, James Patrick and his sister Jessie Findley gave a lecture to the EPS Popular Evening, held on 26 January 1894, in front of a large audience in Queen Street Hall.

The lecture title was 'Rambles through Fife with a Camera'.  During the lecture, James commented

Doo Caves

"Celtic symbols are sculptured on the walls of nearly all the caves at Wemyss, but are in best preservation at the one known as 'Doo Cave' from the fact that it has been fitted up as a pigeon-house."

However, the best preserved art carvings now appear to be in Jonathan's Cave.


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