Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh Quay

Edinburgh Quay  -  Construction  -  July 2003

Edinburgh Quay  -  Under construction, July 2003

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                       Photographed 5 July 2003


Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh Quay

Construction is well underway in this view, taken in July 2003.

The advertising hoardings on the left show pictures of the proposed development, and the names Edinburgh Quay and Miller Construction.

The advertising hoarding on the right, 118 500 is for one of the newly deregulated directory enquiry telephone services.  Immediately above this advert is part of Scottish & Newcastle's Fountain Brewery, due to close in late-2004.

Here is a view of the completed development, taken four years later:

New Development at Edinburgh Quay, Fountainbridge  -  at the end of the Union Canal


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