Union Canal

from the bridge at

Yeaman Place

Around 1959

Looking to the west along the Union Canal from Yeaman Place

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Taylor, Polwarth, Edinburgh                                             Photo taken:  around 1959


Union Canal

Thank you to David Taylor, Polwarth, Edinburgh, for allowing me to reproduce this photo, taken from the bridge at Yeaman Place over the Union Canal, on a cold day, around 1959.

David wrote:

Union Canal

"This view looks to the NE along the Union Canal towards the city centre.

In the distance, is the Viewforth Bridge, with the North British rubber company and Fountainbridge breweries on the left!.

To the near left is the rear of the public washhouse ('The Steamie') at the top of Murdoch Terrace, and on the right was the scrap-yard of Daltons - and only a mile from the city centre!  All gone now!

This area was known to Sean Connery who played here as a child.

The Union Canal was built between 1818-1822. It has connections with Burke and Hare, the two Irish navvies who worked on its construction and who latterly turned to body-snatching as a means of making money!"

David Taylor, Polwarth, Edinburgh:  November 1, 2010



Dave McDougall


Thank you to David McDougall who wrote:

Union Canal

"I read with interest David Taylor's comments above, and have just one possible correction to suggest.

David referred to 'the:

-  rubber company

-  breweries

-  steamie

-  scrap yard

... all gone now!'

Although the rubber works, breweries and  steamie have all gone, Daltons scrap yard was still there a couple of years ago and, as far as I know, is still trading today. A last survivor!"

David McDougall, Edinburgh:  November 8, 2010


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