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Crew of a Granton Trawler  -  Blue Bell

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Crew of a Granton Trawler


This postcard is a posed photograph of Granton trawler, Bluebell. Behind the crew there appear to be a couple of fish boxes.  In the background is a crane.

It appears that the trawler was in harbour.  Which harbour might this have been?


The Granton-based trawler Bluebell, official number 119180, was built in 1904 by MacKie & Thomas.  It was registered at Glasgow, GW5, though it fished from Granton.  This was one of several fishing boats owned by Walter Lyle of Newhaven.

It served as a minesweeper from 1914 to 1919. 

It served as an Admiralty Tender from 1939 to 1945.


Thank you to Walter Lyle Hume for providing the information on Bluebell, above.  Walter Lyle is a retired shipmaster from Newhaven who has been researching British Registered Steam Trawlers.  He is the grandson of Walter Lyle of Newhaven, the owner of the trawler 'Blue Bell'




Kent Rogers

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Thank you to Kent Rogers who wrote:

Ownership of the trawler 'Bluebell'

"I have now received the 64 share documentation on the Bluebell GW5.I now have a query concerning the information you have above about Bluebell. You acknowledged that Walter Lyle Hume provided you with information and  was the grandson of Walter Lyle of Newhaven,  the owner of Bluebell.

I have documentation on the registered owners and the shareholders of Bluebell from 1904 to 1937. There is no mention of Walter Lyle being an owner or a shareholder.  Perhaps you have other information to confirm this."

Kent Rogers, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia:  3 May 2016

Reply to Kent Rogers

Hi Kent:

I don't have any further information to confirm Walter Lyle Hume's comment concerning the ownership of Bluebell.  Sadly, Walter died in 2012, so I'm not able to raise the question with him.

However, I've added your comments above to the web site.  Perhaps somebody else will read them and get in touch with me/.  If they do, I'll update the web site again to include their comments.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  3 May 2016




Kent Rogers

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Thank you to Kent Rogers for writing again.

Ken t wrote::

Captain of Bluebell

"My grandfather. John Thomson. was Captain of the Bluebell during  WW1 and he picked up many survivors including Captain Turner when the Lusitania had sunk. We were in Ireland last year for the 100 year commemoration service and it was very moving. So you can see my interest in Bluebell."

Kent Rogers, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia:  4 May 2016