Greendykes Road, looking west  -  after the demolition of most of the homes in the neighbourhood

Greendykes Road, following the demolition of the homes - 2011

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                            Photograph taken Easter Monday,  March 28, 2011


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   Greendykes Road, following the demolition of the homes - 2011



Walk along Greendykes Road

Here, a couple and their dog walk to the NE along Greendykes Road.  They are close to the junction at the southern end of Greendykes Avenue.   Homes once stood beside the road here, and further to the right.  These homes have gradually been demolished over the past couple of years.

Homes being Demolished

When I took this photo, in March 2011, there were only three blocks of homes still standing, two of which were being demolished, including this block on the corner of Greendykes Road and Greendykes Gardens:

The corner of Grendykes Road and Greendykes Gardens  -  Homes being demolished - 2011



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