Graeme Mackay in the fields near Greendykes House and Wauchope House

Graeme MacKay's son and Greendykes flats, 1967

©  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                              Photograph taken Easter Monday,  April 9, 2007

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     Graeme MacKay's Son and Greendykes flats, 1967 ©




Graeme Mackay

Liberton, Edinburgh

Thank you to Graeme Mackay for writing about the time when he lived at Greendykes House in the late-1960s, and for sending me the photo above of himself as a child in the fields near Greendykes House and Wauchope House in what appears to have been a very rural setting.

Wauchope House
and Greendykes House


   Wauchope House and Greendykes House, Greendykes Road, Edinburgh ©

Graeme wrote:

Greendykes House

"I grew up in Corstorphine before moving to Greendykes.  I lived at Greendykes House from 1967 to 1969, on the tenth floor as it happens.  The flats were brand new at the time.  I believe they were constructed in 1966 as were those at Wauchope House, right next door.

I loved the view from the living room balcony, but I didnít care for the elevator or the concrete stairwell which I used on occasion, when the power was out.

Graeme Mackay's Son and
Greendykes and Wauchope Houses


      Graeme MacKay's Son and Greendykes flats, 1967 ©


The photo above was taken in 1967.  It looks towards the north, I believe.​"

Leaving Edinburgh

"We moved to Gorebridge and our neighbours, the Forman family, our dear friends at the time, subsequently moved to Aberdeenshire.

 Graeme Mackay, Liberton, Edinburgh:  30 Jan 2013 + 4 Feb 2013 + 18 May 2014



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