Leith Docks

Three Training Ships

HMS Kilicrankie, HMS Claverhouse, TS Dolphin at Leith Docks

Three Training Ships at Leith Docks

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Derek Blair, Australia                                                   Photographer not known

Training Ship at Leith Docks

Thank you to Derek Blair, Australia for allowing me to reproduce this photograph.

Three Ships

These three ships are from left to right: HMS Killicrankie, HMS Claverhouse and TS Dolphin.

I was originally told that HMS Claverhouse and TS Dolphin had been tied up alongside each other in Leith West Old Dock for many years, and that:

-  HMS Kilicrankie was used by RNR (Royal Naval Reserve). *

-  HMS Claverhouse was used for training by the Sea Cadet Corps. **

-  TS Dolphin was used as a Merchant Navy training ship.

However, please see the 'Update' below

Three Ships  -  Update

Thank you to Gus Coutts for telling me:

*  HMS Kilicrankie was a coastal minesweeper allocated to the Forth Division RNR

**  HMS Claverhouse was in fact RNR, not sea cadets.

Gus Coutts, Duddingston, Edinburgh:  October 23, 2008




Ian Ridland

Thank you to Ian Ridland who wrote with more information about HMS Claverhouse.  It also housed a Sea Cadet Unit

Ian wrote:

HMS Claverhouse

"Monitor Ship M23 was re-named to become the original HMS Claverhouse.

The Leith Sea Cadet Unit, TS Howe, also had accommodation on board HMS Claverhouse.

HMS Claverhouse was later broken up, and the Cadet Unit  moved to huts in the playground of David Kilpatrick School.  Later, it moved to huts within Leith Docks."

Ian Ridland:  May 7, 2011



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