RAF Display

at The Meadows


Helicopter  -  A Westland-built Sikorski S55

RAF Display at The Meadows, Edinburgh  -  1965

  Copyright: Robert Caiden.    Reproduced with acknowledgement to Derek Caiden, Blackhall, Edinburgh
Thank you to Gus Coutts, Duddingston, Edinburgh for helping me to identify this helicopter


RAF Display

at The Meadows

Thank you to Derek Caiden, Blackhall, Edinburgh, for allowing me to reproduce this photo, taken by his uncle, Robert Caiden, at an RAF Display in the Meadows in the late-1950s or early-1960s. **

Here are other photos taken by Robert Caiden on the same occasion:

RAF Display  -  The Meadows, around 1960             RAF Display  -  The Meadows, around 1960

**  See also,  comment 2 below.




Ron Dingwall


** Thank you to Ron Dingwall who wrote:

"I think this RAF Display in the Meadows was in the early-1960s.  I seem to recall seeing it on my way to school 1960-65.

The other clue are the cranes in the background of this photo:

RAF Display  -  The Meadows, around 1960

The cranes were used in the building of the tower block at the corner of George square/Middle Meadow Walk, which started in the early 1960s.

Ron Dingwall, Edinburgh:  March 19, 2010




John Darcy

Thank you to John Darcy for sending some of his photos taken at the RAF Display in the Meadows.  John tells me that the year of the display was 1965.

John Darcy, March 31, 2010




Evan Wylie

Galashiels, Borders, Scotland

Thank you to Evan Wylie for providing the information below.

Evan wrote:

"What really interesting photos.

I can help you a little in identifying the photo of the helicopter.  It is Westland Whirlwind (a licence-built version of the Sikorsky S-55)."

Evan Wylie, Galashiels, Borders, Scotland:  October 9, 2010


The Meadows RAF Air Display 1965

The Meadows

Around Edinburgh