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King's Gate


Approaching Hardengreen Roundabout on the A7

Google Street View  -  Looking to the north down the A7 towards Edinburgh  -  King's Gate, Newbattle on the right.

Google.  This photo has been  taken from Google Street View


King's Gate, Newbattle

The Location

Above is a Google Street View, looking up the A7 to the north towards Edinburgh, on the approach to Hardengreen Roundabout.  King's Gate, Newbattle is on the right.

Early Photograph

Please click on the thumbnail image below to see an early photograph by James Pike that was probably taken from the other side of this gate, looking to the south towards Newtongrange Viaduct:

Early Photograph of Newtongrange Viaduct by Jamers Pike



Tommy Pearson

West Lothian, Scotland

Tommy Pearson wrote:

Inscription on the Gate

"There is a carved inscription, in large letters, on the King's Gate.  It is on the side facing away from the road.

I wonder why."

Tommy Pearson, West Lothian, Scotland:  August 30, 2010


Early photo by James Pike  -  Is it Newtongrange?

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