Polton Farm

Old Photograph

Polton Farm

Photo taken in the Courtyard, around 1941

Polton Farm - Cow on the farm

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Peter Pringle, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland
who was born at Polton Farm in 1947


Polton Farm

Thank you to Peter Pringle for sending me this photograph of his mother and brother taken in the courtyard at Polton Farm around 1941.

Peter wrote:

Buildings near Polton Farm

"This group of buildings stood half a mile east of Polton Farm.  It consisted of a barn, accommodation for workers, implement sheds and stables at the very edge of Broomieknowe and behind the Knowe Hill.

When the second world war finished the local council started to buy the land  surrounding East Mains.  The council houses built soon isolated these buildings from thier original purpose and  gradually they were used less and less.  However people still lived in the cottages .

In 1939  my parents married and moved into the cottages there and in the following year thier first son was born.

This picture was taken in the courtyard.

Peter Pringle, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland:  July 31, 2011