VA Tech

Engineering Warehouse

Bath Road  -  at the eastern end of Leith Docks

VA Tech Engineering Warehouse, Leith Docks  -  View from Seafield

   A Tech Base  -  a former engineering workhouse in the south east corner of Leith Docks

Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                                     Photograph taken 22 November 2005


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VA Tech Engineering Warehouse


This view in the photo above look to the south-west across the industrial landscape at Seafield towards the former VA engineering warehouse.  Seafield is an industrial area to the east of Leith Docks.

Here is a view looking to the south down Bath Street past a snack van towards Salamander Street:

Bath Street

A snack bar in Bath Road close to the entrance to Leith Docks.  This view looks towards Salamander Street  -  31 October 2005


VA Tech Base;  more views

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