St Andrew Square Gardens

Anti-Capitalist Protest


Messages from Passers-by

Anti-Capitalist Protest at St Andrew Square Gardens, 2011

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                         Photographed October 20, 2011


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    Anti-Capitalist Protest at St Andrew Square Gardens, 2011


St Andrew Square Gardens

The Camp

This anti-capitalist protest in St Andrew Square Gardens in the centre of Edinburgh began on Saturday October 15, 2011.

This is one of many protests around the world by the anti-globalisation movement which has been occupying and camping on land in prominent places in order to draw attention to their opposition to international financial institutions.

The Messages

When I passed through St Andrew Square Garden on October 24, the 9th day of the protest, I found a large sheet and pen held to the ground by four deck chairs.

Passers by were invited to express their views under the heading:


State your Grievances.

We want conversation.

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