Funeral Procession

Who?  When?  Where?

Funeral Procession  -  When and where might this photo have been taken?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Stewart, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland


Funeral Procession

Who?  When?  Where?

Thank you to John Stewart for sending this photo to me.

John wrote

Gretna Disaster?

"Here is a photo that seems to be related to the Gretna Disaster.

Unlike the main funeral to Rosebank in 1915, although this photo shows a company of soldiers heading for the funeral, it shows civilians on the corteges.
No soldiers are lining the route.

I wonder if any of your readers can shed light on it and the area where this photo was taken in.  The  extreme right of this photo seems to show a building with pillars."

John Stewart, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland:  December 3, 2012

Reply to John?

It might not be easy to discover when this photo was taken, or who is in the photo  -  but perhaps somebody will be able to recognise the location.

If you have any comments about  this photo of a funeral procession, which incidentally seems to be leading a single coffin, or if you recognise the location, please email me, then I'll pass on your comments to John Stewart

Peter Stubbs:  December 11, 2012



Jack Buchan


Thank you to John Buchan, who moved from Perth to Edinburgh in 1963, for identifying the location of this photo.  The photo was taken at 'The top of the Old High Street, Perth'.

John wrote:


"This photo was actually taken in Perth and the soldiers are from the The Black Watch at Queen's Barracks."

"There's a similar view of an earlier procession in a book of Old Perth by Guthrie Hutton (Bygone Perth) published by Stenlake Publishing."

Yard and Buildings

"The yard at the left-hand side of the picture is the rail yard at the top of the Old High Street, and the wording 'works' is clearly visible in both phtographs.  You can also quite clearly check out the features on the tenement building in the background.


The cortege appears to be on it's way to Wellshill Cemetery on the other side of the railway bridge.  I know this part of the town intimately as I lived nearby and went to school just round the corner."

Jack Buchan:  Perth until 1963, now Edinburgh:  January 23, 2014


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