The Start of a Road Race

Who?  When?  Where?

The Start of a Road Race  -  Who?  When?  Where?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Stirling, Currie, Edinburgh:  November 6, 2009                         Photographer not known


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   The Start of a Road Race  -  Who?  When?  Where?


The Start of a Road Race

Old Photo

Thank you to John Stirling for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  The photo is taken from a collection of lantern slides that John rescued from being destroyed in 1974.  The photographer is not known.

Some of the other slides from this series are known to have been taken between about 1910 and 1920.

Who?  When?  Where?

Can you suggest where or when this photograph might have been taken.  It appears to be the start of a road race.

The shop behind them may help to identify the location, and possibly the period.


If you know the answer to either of the questions above, please email me.

Thank you. 

Peter Stubbs:  December 1, 2009



Bob Henderson

Burdiehouse, Edinburgh

Thank you to Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh

The Shop in the Background

"The shop in this photo is  'Whytock, Boot Repairer'.

They were still around in the early-1950s, but I can't ,for the life in me, remember where they were.  I think it must have been in the Southside somewhere."

Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh:  December 1, 2009




Sally Hunter

Thank you to Sally Hunter who wrote:

43 Ratcliffe Terrace

"I found a couple of Whytocks who were boot repairers in a 1945 telephone directories on the web site.

They were:

-  CH Whytock, 43 Ratcliffe Terrace

-  C&G Whytock, 40 West Preston Street.

Looking at 43 Ratcliffe Terrace (which is now Scotbet) on Google Street View,  I think that  could be the one ."

44 Ratcliffe Terrace

"I think the sign on the wall in the photo says 'Wood-Milne''.  The 1945 telephone directory shows a William Milne, grocer, at 44 West Preston Street."

Sally Hunter:  December 3, 2009

Earlier Years

It should be possible to check who was at the above addresses in earlier years by consulting Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directories.

The earliest directory that I have readily available at the moment is the one for 1930-31.  It shows:

-  CH Whytock, 43 Ratcliffe Terrace

-  William Milne, 44 Ratcliffe Terrace

The Milne name in the directory and in the photo may be coincidence.  According to the directories, Nos 43 and 44 Ratcliffe Terrace were on opposite sides of the street.

Peter Stubbs:  December 3, 2009


Where is it?

Around Edinburgh