Where was this School?


What was the Occasion

School, probably somewhere in Edinburgh

A house named Fernwood that was featured on a postcard posted from Edinburgh in 1909.  Is (or was) this house somewhere in Edinburgh?  If so, where?

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Shaw, Northumberland, England


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    Where was this schoo? - It was probably in Edinburgh.  Whatr was the occasion?




Ian Shaw

Northumberland, England

Thank you to Ian Shaw who wrote

Old Photo

"This photo was most likely, but not definitely, taken in Edinburgh by my grandfather over 100 years ago.

My grandfather lived in Edinburgh (Canonmills and St Leonards) all his life.

I'm at a loss to identify where the photo was taken and the occasion."

Ian Shaw, Northumberland, England:  June 10, 2013

Reply to Ian?

If you have any information or comments about this photo, please email me, then I'll pass on your comments to Ian.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: June 15, 2013


Where is It?

Around Edinburgh