Gracemount High School


Gracemount High School

Gracemount High School  -  new building, 1959

Scotsman Publications Ltd.   Click here for web site details.     Licensed by Scran,   Photo 77027  Scran 000-000-038-049              Photo published: Oct 28, 1955


Gracemount High School

This photograph of Gracemount High School looks as if it may have been taken when the school was newly built in 1959. **

The school survived for 44 years until shortly after this photo was taken:

Panoramic Photo of Gracemount High School Entrance

It was replaced by a new Gracemount High School that opened in 2003.


Newly-Built School

Date of the Photo

    Gracemount High School, 1955

**  My assumption that Gracemount School was built in 1959 is based on notes on the Gracemount High School web site.  These refer to the school having celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1984 and its 50th Anniversary in October 2009.

So, the publication date given for the black and white photo above on the Scran web site (October 28, 1955) appears to be incorrect as are many of the dates for Scotsman Publications photos on the Scran web site.



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