Granton Gas Works

Granton Gas Works  -  Figure in the Works  -  1903

Grtanton Gas Works  -  A Figure in the Works  -  1903

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Gordon Rankin, Portobello, Edinburgh


Granton Gas Works






Granton Gas Works

Newly Opened Gas Works

This is one of a series of photos of Granton Gas Works taken at the time of the official opening of the gas works in 1903

I've not yet discovered what part of the works this was, but I know somebody who can probably tell me.  If I find the answer from him, I'll add it to this page.

Glass Plates

This photo was printed by Edinburgh Photographic Society Member, Gordon Rankin, from a wholeplate (8.5" x 6.5") glass plate.

This is one of many glass plates, most dating from around the 1960s, given recently  to Gordon.  The donor did not know the source of these plates or who the photographer might have been.


Granton Gas Works Granton Gas Works Station

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