Granton United Church

formerly Granton Methodist Church

Near the western end of Boswall Parkway, Pilton, Edinburgh


Granton Methodist Church, Boswall Parkway, 1961

  David King, Trinity, Edinburgh                                                                                                             Photograph taken July 20, 2010


Granton United Church


Thank you to David King, Secretary and Webmaster of Granton History Group for allowing me to reproduce his photograph above of Granton United Church (formerly Granton Methodist Church.

The church is situated near the western end of Boswall Parkway.  This photo was taken from Crewe Crescent, looking to the north. across Boswall Parkway and down Royston Mains Street.

Formerly Granton Methodist Church

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Unfortunately,  this church has now closed, just a few years after having amalgamated with Granton Congregational Church, also in Boswall Parkway.

Granton Methodist Church, Boswall Parkway, 1961



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