Greyfriars' Church

Laying a Wreath at

Greyfriars Bobby's  Gravestone

January 2011

Greyfriar's Church and Greyfriar's Bobby's Gravestone

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                  Photograph taken January 14, 2011


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   Greyfriar's Church and Greyfriar's Bobby's Gravestone




This photo was taken on January 14, 2011, when a ceremony was arranged by the One o' Clock Gun & Time Ball Association to lay a wreath at Greyfriars' Bobby's gravestone in front of Greyfriars' Church.

Laying the Wreath

Here, Brian McKenzie, Chairman of the One o' Clock Gun & Time Ball Association, helps Bombardier Blue to lay the wreath on Greyfriar's Bobby's grave.

-  Brian is dressed as Colour Sergeant Scott, the Royal Engineer who fed Greyfriar's Bobby when he first appeared at the  burial ground.

-  Bombardier Blue is a Yorkshire terrier representing Skye terrier, Greyfriars' Bobby.

Speakers at this ceremony included:

-  George Grubb, Lord Provost of Edinburgh

-  Mark Lazarowicz, MP for Leith

-  Dr Frazer, Minister of Greyfriars' Church

The cadets in the background, and others forming a Guard of Honour at the entrance to the graveyard come from George Heriot's Combined Cadet Force.  The school is situated immediately to the west of the graveyard.

Details above are taken from this page on the One O'Clock Gun & Time Ball Association web site.

Greyfriars' Bobby Story

Greyfriars' Bobby  was a Skye terrier that sat at his master's grave daily for fourteen years, from his master's death in 1858.  He used to leave the grave only for food, recognising the one o'clock gun his signal to go for his lunch.

The one o' clock gun marks its 150th anniversary in 2011.  It has been fired from Edinburgh Castle to indicate the time to shipping in the Firth of Forth and others.   The gun is fired daily, except on Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas Day.

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