Inch House

Inch House from the SE  -  2005

Inch House, Inch Park  -  Photographed 2 November 2005

  Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                                 Photograph taken: 2 November 2005


Inch House

Inch House with its walled garden stands in the centre of Inch Park, Glenallan Drive, Liberton.  It is  about 2.5 miles to the south-east of the centre of Edinburgh. 

The house has a date 1617 above its door.  The house was extended in the 17th century and again probably in the late 18th century.

Here is an engraving of the house published c.1890

Engraving from Grant's 'Old & New Edinburgh'  -  Inch House

Since 1984, the house has been used as a Community Centre.  In front of the house is a children's playground

Today, the right-hand side of the house can be recognised from the engraving above;  additional floors have been added to the left-hand side of the house.