No 105

Is it Leith?    Which street?

105 Kirkgate, Leith  -  Early 1930s

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Photo of shop No 105.  Is this in a street in Leith?  Which street and when?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to LIz Grieve, Bristol, Avon, England


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Photo of shop No 105.  Is this in a street in Leith?  Which street and when?


Leith Shop?

Thank you to Liz Grieve for sending me this photo:

Liz wrote:

Where and When

"Here is a photo of a shop, which I 'm guessing was in Leith as that's where my mother was from.  in Leith.  She did tell me where it was, and the name of the lady in the photo.

Oh, how I wish I'd made a note, but I wasn't too interested in family history back then.  Maybe somebody will recognise it."

Liz Grieve, Bristol, Avon, England:  February 1, 2011


There are some adverts in the photo that might help to date it..  The adverts for Fry's Chocolate around the window include the slogan

'Makers to H.M. the King'.

I was interested to see the slogans advertising the fruit:

Eat More Fruit and Keep Fit

Apples for Health

Oranges for Beauty

'For Sale'

The shop appears to be for the sale, but is that a a York address on the notice in the doorway?  Might the shop not have been in Leith?

Reply to Liz

If you have any comments on this photo, please email me, then I'll pass them on to Liz.

           Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  February 16, 2011




John J Hadden


Thank you to John J Hadden who for providing the following helpful reply.

John wrote:

'For Sale'

"The 'For Sale' sign above the door could be referring to York Place, Edinburgh.  I've come across references to a solicitor called Storrie whose offices were at York Place, Edinburgh."

John J Hadden, Edinburgh:  February 17, 2011


Thanks John.  That seems to be the likely explanation.  I don't know for how long the company was based at that address, but I see there was a Notice placed in the Edinburgh Gazette by W S Storie SSC of 5a York Place on June 18, 1926.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 17, 2011




Richard Torrance


Thank you to  Richard Torrance who wrote:


"I plumped for my 1922 edition of the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory and found a Mary McGhee at 105 Kirkgate in the 'Fruitier' section.

Perhaps the lady in the photo is Mary McGhee.  it certainly looks as though it could be the Kirkgate."

Richard Torrance:  February 17, 2011





Leith, Edinburgh

Thank you to Elizabeth who wrote:


"I came to this photo through the 'Spirit of Leithers' Facebook page:

Photo of shop No 105.  Is this in a street in Leith?  Which street and when?

Just to say, I've looked up the Scotsman database and found classified adverts for 105 Kirkgate for sale by Storie of 5A York Place, starting from 1930 but mainly in 1933 and 1934, which hopefully confirms that this photo is of 105 Kirkgate."

Elizabeth, Leith, Edinburgh:  October 26, 2013
Elizabeth has asked for her full name NOT to be shown on the web site.

Thank you to Elizabeth for also sending me a copy of the notice in The Scotsman, advertising the shop for sale.

It reads:

FRUITIER, confectioner and greengrocery business and SHOP, 105 Kirkgate, Leith; living accommodation.

Apply Storrie, 5A York Place, Edinburgh

The Scotsman:  May 10, 1933, p.10




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