Mount Alvernia

Beside Liberton Hospital, Lasswade Road, Gracemount, Edinburgh.

Mount Alvernia convent closed in 1992.  It has now been converted to housing.

Looking North up Lasswade Road to Mount Alvernia

The old convent is in the foreground, new housing is behind.  December 2009

Mount Alvernia, Liberton, Edinburgh  -  Looking North

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bob Henderson Burdiehouse, Edinburgh. 
This is one of several photos taken by at Mount Alvernia by Bob Henderson December 9, 2009


Mount Alvernia

Thank you to Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh for providing the photograph above, and the two photos of Mount Alvernia at the bottom of this page.

Please click on the Google Earth image below below to see the position of the old convent and the new housing around it.

   Google Earth  -  View of Mount Alvernia + key

Aerial View + Key

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Mount Alvernia  -  2009

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Mount Alvernia, Liberton, Edinburgh  -  Looking East

Looking East

New Housing

Mount Alvernia, Liberton, Edinburgh  -  Looking NE

Looking NE

New Housing