Muirhouse Mansion

36 Marine Drive, Edinburgh

Muirhouse Mansion -  2010

 Muirhouse Mansion  -  Eagle Gartes, demolished around 1960

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Muirhouse Mansion

Recent History

On the Muirhouse Recollections page, over the past 18 months several people have remembered the 'Eagle Gates' that once stood at  the top of West Granton Road at the end of a long drive leading to Muirhouse Mansion on Marine Drive.

The gate posts were ten feet high, each surmounted by a griffin.  These were demolished around 1960.

Until now, nobody had been able to find a photo of these gates to add to the EdinPhoto web site..  However John Dickson has now found one which accompanied an article in The Scotsman published on June 19, 1946

Thank you John.

Housing for Disabled ex-Servicemen

he article referred to a memorial stone to be laid by the King, ten days later,  on a plot of land at Muirhouse on which 90 houses were to be built for disabled ex-Servicemen by the Scottish Veterans' Garden City Association.


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