Northern General


Ferry Road, Edinburgh

History of the Site

The Northern General Hospital was on the north side of Ferry Road, between Crewe Toll and Goldenacre.  It closed probably in the early-1990s.

I took some photos of the hospital being demolished in 1996.  A Safeway supermarket was built on the site.  This later became a Morrisons Supermarket.



Early 1990s?

Noprthern General Hospital Ward 


Northern General Hospital Staff  -  Outside the Cafe, beside the Gate

Coffee Shop

Northern General Hospital Staff  -  At the Gate

At the Gate

Northern General Hospital Staff  -  Ward 4 Sign

Ward 4 Sign

Please email me if you recognise these photos or know who might have taken them.  They are part of a collection that was found in the Western General Hospital in June 2011.


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