Oddfellows' Hall

Forrest Road, Edinburgh

September 2007

Oddfellows' Hall, Forrest Road


Photograph taken September 11, 2007


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    Oddfellows' Hall, Forrest Road


Oddfellows' Hall

Forrest Road


Oddfellows' Hall in Forrest Road was built in 1872.

The figures in relief at 2nd floor level are Faith, Hope and Charity.

The statue at the top of the building is Charity


The building has now become Oddfellows' Public House.

When I took this photograph on September 11, 2007, the message painted on the ground floor windows  was:

"Free Pint for Scottish Rugby Win".

The message can be seen on this enlarged photo

I assume that this message referred to the 'Scotland v. Portugal' game played on September 9, 2007.  Scotland won the game 56:10.