The Royal Museum

The National Museum of Scotland comprises two linked buildings in Chambers Street, Edinburgh:

The Royal Museum, built 1861.
The Museum of Scotland, built 1990s.

Royal Museum, Edinburgh  -  2008

Inside the Royal  Museum, Chamber Street, Edinburgh  -  2008

  Peter Stubbs.                      Photograph taken April 24, 2008


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    Inside the Royal  Museum, Chamber Street, Edinburgh  -  2008


Royal Museum

The Millennium Clock

This photo of the Millennium Clock was taken at the Royal Museum in April 2008, three days before the museum closed for three years of refurbishment.

This view looks across to the Millennium Clock from the gallery on the first floor of the museum..  The clock has delivered a spectacular performances for visitors to the museum, each lasting several minutes.

The large doors behind the Millennium Clock lead to the eastern part of the Royal Museum, already closed for refurbishment.  The signs painted on these doors read:

"Our animals have gone on holiday
     while we make them a better home."


Royal Museum

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