Model of the

Royal Scots Greys' Statue

in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh


Model of the memorial to the Royal Scots Greys' in West Princes Street Gardens

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Oliver Seyfried


Model of the Royal Scots Greys' Statue

Thank you to Oliver Seyfried, London who wrote:

The Model

"Regarding the monument to the Royal Scots Greys in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, my grandfather was in the Scots Greys during the First War.  He was given this model on his wedding day by fellow officers."

The Statue

Both the monument and the plinth of the model appear to be a good match for the original in Princes Street Gardens.

Royal Scots Greys' memorial statue  -  West Princes Street Gardens  -  May 1996

Here is a photo of the statue in Princes Street Gardens.  It is opposite the junction of Princes Street and Frederick Street:


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