St Stephen's Church Church  -  St Vincent Street, Stockbridge


St Stephen's Church was designed by William H Playfair, and was built in 1827-28 for a cost of 18,975.  Its prominent frontage looks up St Vincent Street, then Howe Street, towards Edinburgh Castle.

View from the roof of St Stephen's Church, looking to the south towards Ediburgh Castle 

The architect was instructed that he should spare no expense on the front, of the building, but he could economise round the back.

Looking north down St Vincent Street towards St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge - 1996 

Staircase to the Clock

Inside the church there are some interesting staircases. One leads around the walls of the church tower up to the clock.  In the centre of the tower is empty apart from a hanging clock weight (which has a 70m drop) and a large pendulum (reputed to be the longest in Europe).

Looking Up

   The clock winder raises the weight for the clock at St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge 

Looking Down

   St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge  -  Staircase to the clock, around the walls of the church

Staircase to the Roof of the Tower

Above the clock, there are more staircases, leading to the roof.

One of these passes  an old wheel that used to operate the church bell.  I asked the clock winder how long it was since the bell last rang.  He answered: "About 10 minutes."

It must be a long time since the wheel last operated, but the bell is now apparently operated electronically.

The Bell Wheel, no longer in operation , in the tower of St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge

All the photographs on this page were taken in May 1996


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