Tanfield House


Formerly Administrative Offices if Standard Life Assurance Company

Now converted to smaller offices

June 2012

Tanfield House, formerly Admin Offices of Standard Life Assurance Company

 Tanfield House, seeking new occupants  -  2012

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs     Please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                        Photograph taken June 30, 2012


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    Tanfield House, seeking new occupants  -  2012


Tanfield House

Commemorative Stone

These offices were formerly Standard Life Assurance Company's Admin Offices from 1991, but have now been sold by Standard Life and have been converted to smaller offices.  The boards in the gardens in front of Tanfield House, seen in this photo read:




Flexible and modern office

suites with interiors as

inspiring as they are inviting


123,906 SQ FT

(346 - 11,511 SQ M)


[tanfield-edinburgh web address]




Standard Life  inside Tanfield House

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