Where is it?

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No 2


On Gullane Hill  -  Old glass negative

Building  -  Where is it?  -  No 2  -  ANSWER = Gullane Hill

 Reproduced by courtesy of Lilly Ginger

This is the same building as above, on Gullane Hill  -  Photographed, 2003

Building on Gullane Hill  -   Digital photograph taken in 2003

 Colin Sinclair, Gullane

Photos from Old Glass Negatives

This image is one from a collection of glass negatives that were found recently.  Some of the negatives show groups of girls around Randolph Square and Randolph Gardens, Edinburgh.


Reply from William Crossan

Many thanks to William Crossan for your email message of 12 October 03, in which you wrote:

"I believe photos 1 & 2 are at the top of Gullane Hill,  Whim Road Gullane East Lothian. 
I believe the first photo is a picture of 'The Whim' at the top of the hill overlooking the Firth of Forth.

The second photo is of a house right at the top of the hill in the same location.  I estimate the photos were taken around 1910 to 1925.  Hope that is helpful." 

Reply from Colin Sinclair

Many thanks to Colin Sinclair for his comments and digital photographs.  The photograph of the house below confirms that the glass negative is indeed an image of the house on Gullane Hill.


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