Railway Station Bell

South Leith Station

Bell from South Leith Station, Constitution Street, Leith

on the Edinburgh & Dalkeith Railway Line, later to become part of the North British Railway

An envelope that originally contained six Picture Post Cards of Leith - W & AK Johnston's Edina Series 231

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Kenneth Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh, whose relatives used to live in this station
 Photo received from Kenneth:  3 October 2013



Leith Around Edinburgh




Kenneth Williamson

Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Thank you to Kenneth Williamson, who sent me the photo at the top of this page, for  writing again to tell me a little more about South Leith Station, at Constitution Street, Leith.

Kenneth wrote:

South Leith Station


"It was my granny's cousin, Jimmy Gordon, who used to live in the station.  The bell used to be rung to celebrate New Year, each year when he lived there. **

History of the Station

"The Edinburgh & Dalkeith Railway branch from Niddrie to South Leith was opened in July 1838 and was acquired by the North British Railway, along with the rest of the E&D system, in 1845.

The E&D was then re-gauged from 4' 6" to standard 4' 8.5" gauge and horse-haulage was abolished, except on the South Leith branch

Restrictive clauses in the authorising Act prevented the use of steam locomotives on the South Leith branch.  This restriction was not removed until possibly 1858.

South Leith closed to passengers on 2nd January 1905."

Kenneth Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh:  October 4, 2013

**  What was the bell used for when the station was still operating?

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  October 4, 2013